Sunday, July 6, 2014

The Itchy Discomfort of Transition

"Those who put on itchy 
sweaters start every day 
from scratch." -unknown

This week marks the beginning of seemingly perpetual transition for our family…and I don’t love it.  We move out of our apartment in 2 days.  We live in limbo with family for 3 weeks.  We live in limbo in the DR for 1 week while we try to find a more permanent apartment.  We settle in for 10 months, then try to transition back to the U.S. (look for preschools, neighborhoods, employment for my partner).  We live somewhere for 1-2 years while I write up my dissertation…then we may move again when I graduate and look for faculty positions.

It makes me exhausted to think about.  Really, I’m tired.

Granted, I’m probably tired because the only time we have to pack boxes is when the kids are sleeping.  So that means late nights trying to decide how much I really need two staplers.  But transition is uncomfortable…like an itchy sweater.  Nothing too serious, but just enough to bug the crap out of you. 

I’ve also had to come to terms with my personal frustrations during this phase. I’m sad to leave Durham.  We’ve lived here for 4 years – the longest time I have lived anywhere in my adult life.  I’m anxious about what lies ahead.  Even though I have faith that amazing things are ahead, uncertainty makes me uncomfortable (see This Kaleidoscope Life entry).  And I don’t like living out of boxes and suitcases.  

But you know what? I am so lucky to have this opportunity for our family.

So, we are visiting our favorite places in Durham for the last time, making lists on dry erase boards to quell my anxieties, and labeling each box with details so I can find things if I need to.

Let the (itchy) fun begin!


  1. Oh Nita, I totally understand the anxiety of transitions and mine aren't near as complicated as yours are!! Just think of how awesome it will be for your boys to live in the DR for a year and to see their mama graduate as a doctor. In the end, it will ALL be worth it, though the transitioning is NOT FUN!!! I'm so proud of you!! -Sarah Kelly

  2. Hi friend! You are so kind...Thank you for reading! Let me know if you have questions about the move or life abroad. I'm collecting ideas for future posts. Miss you :-)